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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Deathtomb8953, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. spent a few hours this morning setting up what i thought was proper enchanting shop, do the whole /iteminfo for each and every tool. proceeded to set up the buy signs

    line 1 name
    line 2 amount
    line 3 price
    line 4 item id

    now for each sign in would remove the [-] each time i hit done so the code would show up as "278af8s" instead of 278-af8s.

    once i annouched it was open every one keeps getting "The shop item is not recognised!"

    Any insight into this issue would be amazing i have tried input the cod many way on the buy signs with out success
  2. wont let me edit op for some reason any way just wanted to add that i do get the message "shop successfully created " each time
  3. Aikar is trying to fix this... Be calm and remain patient.
  4. i am was just looking for a reasonable explanation is all or if i was just going insane
  5. Put two "-" in the last line, e.g 278--af8s. One "-" was removed for 4/5 enchantments items, I believe.
  6. i love and hate you all at the same time
  7. was able to fix it all thank you !
  8. Not quite. You'll still have to use [slot 1] because this will literally sell an enchanted book. The text will be blue, and it will not be able to yield the enchantment to an item in an anvil. The text has to be yellow for it to work correctly. It's very odd, and Aikar is going to work on that next, right after the vault is fixed.
  9. *I just tested this on Stage for Aikar and I, seeing as I was confused, and wondering if this would be an okay alternative. Alas, the results were not what I expected, and Aikar still has to fix the enchanted book ID's so they can sell properly. >_<
  10. I have no trouble selling enchanted books
  11. no this was for tools not books but yes i also got buy signs for books worked out ty max!
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