Enchanting question.

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  1. I understand that you can never know which enchantment you will get. What I am not sure of is if you can tell how many different enchantments you will get at one time. Are there multiple lines for multiple enchantments on the choice menu?
  2. The only thing you really get to pick is a number -- the number of levels you want to use. There's no way to tell anything about the enchantments at all, other than that higher levels *usually* mean better enchants. It's really kindof annoying :D
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  3. Lol. I was hoping you would answer this. :) Thank you.
    Edit: level 44 got me
    silk touch, unbreaking three, and efficacy iv
    I smell my first auction.
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  4. Wow that's a pretty awesome result for your enchant. Only about 1 in 30 picks will get that at level 44. In fact only about 1 in 8 enchants at level 44 will have any form of silk touch at all!

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  5. I was not aware of that. I plan to watch Hasorkos' video when I get a few minutes. "House work:) "
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