Enchanting fail .......

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pateraterick, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. I don't know why but enchanting hates me ;(.
    The week before, i got 5 eff 4 in a row on lvl 40+ and it's getting worst!
    I got 4 unbreaking 3 in a row yesterday :(.
    The best enchantment I got this month is on fortune 3 eff 3 on lvl 47!
    What is wrong with me!?
    Is it because of the chickens in Leowaste's enchant tab or it's me?
  2. Its you man :(
  3. I've gotten Knockback II off of level 50. :(
  4. level 50 increases the chances of you getting better enchants that is why I don't enchant anything lower that 50.
  5. liar.
    One time i enchanted a pick for 50 levels and all i got was:
    Efficiency 2
    Thats it...
  6. I don't lie you must have horrible luck.
  7. well true.
    2 of my friends died in less than 2 months both on the 30th then also i went from 56k to 7r in 1 min then also.........
  8. And I said INCREASES THE CHANCES this does not mean you will always get something you want.
  9. You should wait for 1.3 before enchanting more items. At least the algorythim will be a be a bit more linear. The last 3 enchantments I did (all over over 45) resulted in a pic with eff 3, sword with knockback 2, and and another pic and eff 3 and unbreaking 3.