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  1. Ok so, I was looking to make a top notch armor set and it has brought up many questions.

    Here is my thoughts:

    Helm: Protection 4-Unbreaking 3 (Not concerned with any water enhancement enchants)
    Chest: Fire Protection 4-Unbreaking 3
    Leggings: Projectile Protection 4-Unbreaking 3
    Boots: Protection 4-Feather falling 4-Unbreaking 3

    Now I do understand that armor has an EPF value that caps off at 25. That^^ setup had an EPF value of 25 without the feather falling. This is where I'm confused. Would it be better to have say, a chest and legs with the same protection enchant equaling 22, or would it be better to do it the way I listed & how does it work with the feather falling enchant bringing the EPF value higher than 25.
    Really what I want is a well rounded set, so I'm guessing it would be best this way.
    Or say if the opponent is using a bow then its best to use the projectile protection on the legs and chest for max efficiency of the armor.

    Basically, is it best to have all protection enchants (minus the blast prot) spread out on your armor or is it best to go off of what the opponent will be using for a weapon?

    Really looking for someone who fully understands the EPF value system and can make some clear sense out of it for me.

    Anyone have some thoughts on this?
  2. Closing due to creator's request :)
Thread Status:
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