Enchanters guild started on SMP 9!

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  1. The enchanters guild is a new project, located on SMP9, on res number 18659. It is a group of stores, that sell very cheap stuff and has special discounts for members. Members pay 100 rupees a month.To apply, please PM me with this info: server number, res number, what you sell. All shops MUST have a description in the shop database. Click here to go to the shop database. It gets its name from the shop in its headquarters that will be made, featuring insanely cheap enchants. Pm me for more info
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  2. Please keep in mind that in the upcoming update; update 1.3, enchanting will change and so will the prices.
    Enchanting will be much easier, as you can get max. level enchantments on level 30 and you are able to get xp from smelting ores. The enchanted tools prices will probably fall.
  3. It is not only an enchants store, it is a network of shops working together. Do you want to join?
  4. No thank you, I was just reminding you ;)
  5. BTW my spawners are not used for the Enchanters Guild. Thats only for us, Tech
  6. That has nothing to do with this buddy!
  7. A guild that has fees. Lol this will get a lot of members.
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  8. Good!
  9. i accidentally wrote an extra 0 on 100 so sorry about that.:oops:
  10. Isn't there a beta version where people can test 1.3? Because I saw someone on youtube mine ores and get xp from them.
  11. Mojang releases "weekly snapshots" that you can find (not sure where, but I'd assume either the MC wiki or minecraft.net) and download to play on your own computer. These always contain some new features. BE CAREFUL though. Make sure you keep the version that works with EMC so you don't have to re-download everything.