Enchanted Tools Sale

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  1. Hey Im ProBuildz69 and im selling enchated tools and other items also at 17002 there will be shops set up for the weapons and tools and also sometimes armor.
    some echantes in stock are:
    Silk Touch I
    Efficient IV
    Unbreaking III

    Fortune III
    Unbreaking III

    Power III

    Thanks everyone :D

    Please like adn commnet only positive on this topic to keep it going :D
  2. il buy the silktouchI effieientIV unbreakingIII for 7000r?
  3. Make it 9k an its a deal
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  4. smp3 il pay for vault, res 6361 or 7359
  5. or, do u want me to come to you?
  6. hello? plz reply
  7. il probs b on tmorrow so, cu
  8. uh... new day. just wondering if u wer here at all?
  9. 8Post on this thread and 7 of them is yours ..
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  10. uh.... just wanting to know if you are here at all?
  11. Contact him via private message, instead of spamming the thread :)
  12. ok im going if you dont reply deals off :/
  13. There's a thing called the edit button. I understand if your feeble fingers can't click it from having lived 101 years...
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  14. edit?

    oh, edit
  15. Yes, edit. It would be at the bottom of all of your posts.
  16. All of the items have been sold sorry