Enchanted sword

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  1. Sharpness IV, Knockback II, and loot III

    looking for offers...will take highest offer
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  2. forgot to mention it was diamond....that is rather important :p
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  3. Oh,In that case,3r
  4. "Looking for offers" should be an auction, not in the marketplace.
  5. i'll take that for 17500 :)
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  6. sold then :)
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  7. Well, this is really more of a thing where people can name a price...and unlike an auction, I dont have to sell if I dont like the price :p
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  8. Noooo, thought it was mine.... You, you battmeghs!
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  9. wow thats a lot of money... Do you always buy enchanted swords?
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  10. ones that are like that? oh my yes. i think i fell in love with this thing.. it kills everything with one hit. just bam. :D it actually gave me my achievement get today of overkill. it was epic. :D
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  11. is there an achievement called overkill?????
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  14. Thank you :)
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  15. Makes me sad now that I didnt keep it D:
    Oh well...as long as it gives you joy :)
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  16. on what server are you btw, so i can see the sword in action, if its that great ;)