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  1. Hey guys! My brother and I are thinking of opening an enchantment shop. I'm kind of curious as to what the pricing should be!

    So, I need to know a couple things, to make it the most fair price for all.

    How much should I charge per diamond in each item?
    How much for each level 30 possible enchantment?
    How much for two enchantments?
    How much for three enchantments?

    So, if I charged 300 for unbreaking 3, and 200 for eff 4, and 100 for two enchantments, and 35 per diamond and it's a pick, we're at 735 for that. Would you say that's fair?

    So far we're only stocking picks, shovels, and axes. We'll move onto swords and armor later.

    So please post what you think it should be!

    I need prices of:
    Per Diamond:
    Efficiency 3
    Efficiency 4
    Unbreaking 2
    Unbreaking 3
    Fortune 2
    Fortune 3
    Silk Touch 1
    Two enchantments
    Three enchantments

    And then another idea I was thinking of is basically a "You give me the supplies and this set price and I'll enchant it"
    So if someone gave me a diamond shovel, they would pay me like... 200-500 (Need a price for level 30 enchant) and no matter the outcome, they'd pay me that price. So I basically either save them money or cost them it. This is just an idea though, so again, please post your thoughts and I'll figure out some pricing for ya'll!

    Res 404 SMP 1
  2. Oh, one more question.

    Should enchantments cost a different amount for each item?
    Like, efficiency is ok when it comes to picks, but when it's shovels it's amazing.
    Unbreaking 3 efficiency 4 shovels are especially amazing for getting sand from deserts.