Enchanted Pickaxes Sale!

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  1. Hello fellow minecrafters,

    I have some diamond pickaxes to sell, (the price is per pickaxe, not for 2 or more.)

    2x Unbreaking III 800r
    1x Efficiency III 800r
    1x Efficiency IV 1600r

    1x Unbreaking III + Efficiency IV 5500r
    1x Unbreaking III + Efficiency V 6500r

    2x Fortune + Efficiency IV 8000r
    1x Unbreaking + Fortune III + Efficiency IV 14000r
    1x Unbreaking III + Efficiency III + Silk Touch I 16500r

    Please let me know if you want to buy, I'll update this post after every pickaxe sold.

  2. so 2x Unbreaking III 800r is 800r, im buying it!
  3. You could put them in Margaritte's shop. She has a massive buiding for selling enchanted items.
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  4. 800r per piece, don't forget that. I'll set up a shopsign at 4080. Follow the yellow line, and you'll find the rooms.
  5. save the silk for me i will save up a little but i will buy
  6. When can you buy it? I keep it till I might have another buyer, ofcourse. ^^
  7. can i do a laybuy?
  8. i have 4k now
  9. i have 12k now. may i buy??
  10. Yes you can, ill try to make a shop for it, if not working, please meet me as soon as possible at 4080 (smp2)
  11. k ill be on at around 12:00pm
  12. Its 13.00 here, where do you live/what time is it there now? I have an exam in 2 hours so, just want to make sure we don't wait for eachother for hours.
  13. Nevermind my previous message, the shop+sign is ready, follow the yellow line all upstairs, room 2 is your pickaxe.
  14. Thank you soooooooooooo much your the best!!!!!

    (ps): Your res is very cool
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  15. Added two good pickaxes to the list!
    Silk Touch Sold!
  16. Can i buy both the Unbreaking III for 1000 rupee?
  17. nvm i have anouther seller
  18. Added two new pickaxes to the list!
  19. I want the efficiency III for 800r that is the BEST deal ive seen in a while :D
  20. It's placed in the chest, follow the yellow line, in room 1 is your pickaxe EFF3.