Enchanted Pickaxe Auction

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  1. I have put 25 levels into a diamond pickaxe, hoping for a fortune pickaxe... but i got a level 2 efficiency and level 2 unbreaking diamond pickaxe (half sad, half happy), i am now willing to sell it

    Keep in mind there is a reserve price. I am posting a screen shot of the pickaxe now.


    There is a reserve price, so you wont get it for bidding 2r
    Reserve Price= 5k
    Bidding ends 12 hours after last bid
    Pick-up chest will be put on my res for you
    Winner will be notified via pm

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  2. Anyone going to bid on it?
  3. Ill throw up 3k
  4. ok, bid stands at 3k
  5. anyone else gonna bid? i have set up the new bidding rules
  6. 10k reserved price for level 2s? The level fours are only going around 20k and they take way more than twice as much work

    To rich for my blood, most id come up to is 5k if your desperate to sell
  7. yeah good luck with 10k lol
  8. r price changed
  9. Okay then 5k, out bid me. I dare ya
  10. 5k is the standing bid, anyone else wanna bid?
  11. So this is mine?
  12. yeah, send me the cash, ill set up the chest on my smp2 res, it will be at my shop enterance