enchanted pic !!!!!

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  1. diamond enchanted pic for sale fortune: III unbreaking: III efficency: IV starting at 17000 rupees will go lower if doesn't sell RES: 13270 SERVER: smp6.empireminecraft.com thank you and plz buy
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  2. dang you are expensive! :eek:that would only go for about 3000r i found a guy who sells them for that much :D
  3. :eek:.... fortune pick is about 10k
  4. ya, sorry bro but thats a little OVER PRICED
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  5. Heck yeah I SO agree
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  6. money launderers are NOT cool
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  7. you need to lower that price to about 3k then people will start buying it
  8. ya start low and go up
  9. I was thinking the opposite but start at like 4k and go down
  10. May I ask you to wait, Once the auctions are up and running there is no doubt that you wont get money like that.
  11. true, very true
  12. this thread has no point anymore... no offense.
  13. i got 17.5k for it and the person who purchased it said that it was a good price silken_thread