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  1. Hello Everybody!

    I've been re-designing over the last few days and have upgraded my shop! I hope you all like it!

    Ground Floor - ALL top level Enchanted Books.
    First Floor - Diamond Armour, Diamond Tools and Weapons, Bows, Arrows, Fishing Rods, Saddles, Name Tags and Leads.
    Second Floor - Auction Room, Public Anvil Area and Public Enchantment Room.

    I also have kept my 24/7 Free Fishing Lake as many of you use it.

    If anybody has any top level Enchanted Books that they do not want then I will buy them from you. Please PM me or pop over to the Mall and see if I'm about!

    Thank You for reading! See you soon!
    SMP8 /v 16029

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  2. I'm glad you kept your fishing lake open! :D
    Remember the time I reeled in an Enchanted Book right when you were there watching me fish...? xD Haha, good times. c:

    I don't have anything I want at the moment, but if I do I'll definitely come to you first! :'D
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  3. I do remember it well!! Good times and fishing is under rated! :)