Enchanted Items Shop! smp5 res 11466

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  1. I carry a varying selection of tools and armor daily. Enchantments range from level 15-50. I carry mostly diamond items with the occasional sale of iron items! Come cheak out my new store located on the lower level of my lot at 11466!! The lava ceiling is the room you wanna be in! :)

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  2. could u get a fortune and unbreaking diamond pick plz
  3. I had 3 a couple days ago but I sold them quick for under 4.5k a piece. I'll try to get some more stock today.
  4. Just acquired 2 new fortune pics both with efficiency! Swing by 11466 on smp5 and check it out!
  5. sweet be there asap currently 5km out in the wilderness but hopefully get there in tim
  6. I have 2 picks on hold for someone else so the only fortune i have left is a fortune I efficency II. I'll let you know which one he takes and get back at you about it.