Enchanted items shop bug

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  1. Hi,

    On the server can't be sold enchanted item who has a lot of improvements.. Id after : is too long and on the sign is wirtten just a Diamond -itemid. Then shop is out of stock but id is good and item is in stock.

    For example: http://oi43.tinypic.com/244ched.jpg

    And this is in stock.. Please, repair this :)
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  2. nice minimap, got a link for that?

    Also, this usually does work.

    Edit: It does work on the enchanted item i tested with. (Fortune, Unbreaking)
  3. They must be three improvements.. It dosen't work - I tested for Fortune III , Efficiency V , Unbreaking III for several ways. (278-a7e9vd). Always out of stock..

    PS. Minimap: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/482147-11100-jan14-reis-minimap-v30-01/
  4. for the record, that item i have broken the sign and replaced it and was careful to double check my spelling of the item number
  5. Yeah sorry I will have to look into this. I don't really know what to do because I have to try and store so much data on one little sign...
  6. If only there was more room on such a tiny thing! D:
  7. Is it not possible to just remove the "diamond" part of the enchant - its not like its clear what your buying anyways unless there is a sign explaining it above/below the sell/buy sign?
  8. You should do what you did with the potions saying you are buying this type of potion and/or pickaxe
    if you know what I mean
  9. i wouldnt worry too much about it. not many people sell these items in shops anyway and not as often as other items. i'm going to change the store sign to say "in stock, please inquire" now i know this is a bug and not just my poor typing skills.
  10. Hmm yeah instead of Diamond it could just be the item number (128) because it makes you confirm when you buy it anyways.
  11. indeed, that would work out as far as i see - and its always awesome selling enchanted items in shops :p
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  12. Damn People are clever and they say school is only place to learn =/
  13. I don't learn anything from school lol
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