Enchanted items galore!

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  1. BoWnZ's Enchanted Wonders!

    The items Im currently selling are all buyout prices, non-negotiable. All prices are as listed and will remain as such. All items are subject to availability but I will keep this updated, currently I have:

    Diamond pick: Silk touch -18k
    Diamond Pick: Fortune I - 10k
    Diamond Pick: Unb III, Fortune III, Eff IV - 25k

    Diamond Helmet: Fire Prot. IV, Respiration III - 15k
    Diamond Body: Fire Prot. III - 9k
    Diamond Legs: Fire Prot. IV - 11k
    Diamond Boots: Feather Falling IV - 15k

    NOTE: I will offer the currently shown armour for a lower price since I'd hate so see it broken up. 45k for all. instead of 60k. That's 25% off!

    Bow: Infinty - 7k

    Unb. = Unbreaking
    Eff. = Efficiency
    Prot. = Protection

    All sales final. If you say you will buy it out and don't, you will be excluded from further sales.
    No auctioning or trying to buy over someone else, no begging for items on this thread, I can't choose the outcome of the enchants, there is what there is.

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  2. The fortune picks seem a bit overpriced, but overall a very nice collection. Perhaps make a shop selling these all at these prices so ppl can pick them up at their leisure.
    BTW you should post your lot number in here
  3. So you would like to purchase the bow? And I will, once I get them all there in about, oh, 15 mins?
  4. Ill wait till you have a shop setup, but not right away. Probably tomorrow ill swing by unless my money is needed else where
  5. I'd buy the boots if they weren't so over-priced.. :)
  6. Yea, I'm not really sure on prices, really no idea about them at right now, but feather IV isnt very common, how many have you seen? xD
  7. True, but my max is 5k :p