Enchanted Items Clear Out Sale

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  1. Res 18461 Smp9
    All Triple Enchanted items are now only 10k each
    Diamond Picks:
    Eff V Fortune III Unb III (1) - 10,000r
    Eff IV Fortune III Unb III (7) - 10,000r
    Diamond Shovel:
    Eff IV Silk Touch Unb III (1) - 10,000r
    Contact me or Biscuitboy5396 1st come, 1st serve
    Limited Stock~So Come Fast
  2. Update only 5 Eff IV ppicks left
  3. If you enchanted all those you sure got lucky for the amount of TEXP you have. That's an awesome run of pickaxes. :D
  4. No I have some from my 2nd account as well. Lol and BTW Shovels and 4 Eff IV left.
  5. 2nd Account :eek:
  6. Dum dum DUUUUUUUUUUM!
  7. I'm I worthy of known what is is.
  8. Here is a helpful hint. My real name is Nick.
  9. Like some kind of Nick guy .... :D #12 monthly