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  1. Desc: A Chest with 1 Silk touch 1 enchantment, 1 Diamond Bane of Arthropods 1 enchantment, and 1 Power 1 enchanted bow.

    Starting bid: 200r

    Min. Bid Increase: 10r

    Auction End Time: 24 Hour after Last bid

    Pickup: Chest at 6905 on smp3 to the left of where you spawn.

    Note: Unless you are bidding, do not post.

    Post Note: The Sword has been used like 5 Times, nothing big at all.

    Also: I modeled the items so they look 10x better! :-D

  2. How u made that pic! What program?
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  3. Wait the sword is used bids off
  4. I'm sorry but I don't think you can do that.
  5. You cant bid used items anyways, so he has to end it.
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  6. I clearly statedtaht the sword has 5 uses.
  7. Fixed it for you:)
    And Paranoid is correct, you cannot auction off used items
  8. That doesnt matter, its the fact that its used that is against auction rules
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  9. Thank you, I was thinking auction but typed bid. :(
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  10. Uhg. I belived it would not matter. My bad again.
  11. As the other's have said, you can't auction this.

    Which items can be auctioned off?
    Updated: 08/05/2012
    Auctions may consist of the following:

    • Enchanted items in unused condition and in any quantity
    • Dragon Eggs
    • Any item in bulk (Double Chests ONLY with STACKED items in each slot) For example: 1 Double Chest of Diamonds

    You may NOT auction off intangible items, services or spawners in the wild. This includes trying to sneak them in as "bonuses". Auctions should ONLY consist of one of the three items in the bullet list above.

    This thread contains all the info you need: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/welcome-to-emc-auctions-rules-read-this-first.9650/
  12. I know, Ive read the rules.
  13. Lol no worries:D I was typing in a bid once while eating an apple, and i typed "appleK" lol xD
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  14. Lol. We all make mistakes, Ill just make a new one.
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