Enchanted Items/books Supplier Needed

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  1. Hi everyone.

    A while ago I created a mall to sell items that I had in excess and didn't need, specially enchanted armor and tools (I hunt a lot so I get a lot of exp). At first I was able to handle it very easily but now I'm struggling to keep up with the demand, so I need some help.

    I need people who can supply me with enchanted items for my store (armor, swords and pickaxes). I expect to need somewhere between 10 and 20 items a week, all with level 30 standard enchantments (no god items or use of books). I plan on making purchases on demand, but I didn't think everything through yet. Message me if you're interested, minding that my goal here is to make a profit from sales.

    One more thing. As my book sales are really high I'm thinking about bulk buying them until I get my villager trading area done. I already buy them from people at a low price, but maybe I can increase my profit margin a bit by buying them in SC or DC quantities ;). Again, message me if you're interested or know someone who might be.
  2. Check out 1547 for all that you need
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  3. Sorry to say that, but your store sells enchanted stuff for thrice as much as I do. I can't buy there, I like my rupees :(.
    Still, a very nice shop!
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