Enchanted item Sale!

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  1. Brandop123's enchanted item sale!
    I will try to keep this forum up to date with my sales and enchants.
    all items have never been used unless stated.
    well here are the items.
    alos please post below what type of enchanted item you would like.

    eff IV fortune III for 6k

    fortune II for 2.2k

    thats all for now.

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  2. Can I buy the fortune one?
  3. sure.
  4. do I pay you now?
  5. will buy silk touch for 15k
  6. ill buy that sword for 5k (swords arent worth as much as picks)
  7. deal.meet me on smp6.
  8. 17.5k is my lowest on that pickaxe.
  9. 17.5.not budging on that.
  10. 17k final
  11. Can you whip up another fortune? Ill pay 2.5k, and i will take the efficiency one too.
  12. next fortune i get ill tell you and meet me in smp6 for the eff
  13. actually mein i accedently used that eff instead of my normal one so im not gonna sell it.
  14. lol i am so sorry.but its realy easy to get them so jsut wait.
  15. i got another one mein.
  16. k be on now
  17. ...you have anything smaller with less enchantment?
  18. like?