Enchanted item sale

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  1. These are a list of the items and if you want one post below
    1.Diamond Pick Eff IV Unbreaking III-1500r SOLD
    2.Diamond Chestplate Protection III-400 SOLD
    3.Diamond Legging Protection IV-300 SOLD
    4.Diamond Boots Protection III-200 SOLD
    LOCK up this thread plz
  2. would like the pick
  3. Ok meet me on smp2 and this is gabe627 i use this account
  4. sorry im in the wild on smp2, if i payed the vault fee could we meet on 4?
  5. k paying now
  6. it isnt nwayne7 it is gabe627
  7. wait do i pay u or gabe627
    edit: ok
  8. gabe627 im him this is just my emc site account
  9. All take all the armour stuff. Set up a room with access to me with those prices in the room and I ll come buy them.
  10. Sorry terry i forgot to mark that they been sold yesterday