Enchanted gear must go

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  1. I have an enchanted gear shop.
    It is located at /v +gear on smp8.
    I want to liquidate my remaining merchandise.
    Prices have been lowered, get them while/if they last.
    Much has already gone and has been removed from the list.




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  2. MrC, I have to leave to go take care of my grandmother shortly. Can you set aside 5 Fast picks and 5 Silk picks for me please? I will be on tonight to pay you and pick them up. Thank you very much! If not able to do this, totally understand, no worries mate :)

    Actually, lemme log on really fast. If in town, will run over.
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  3. hey any fast pix? left if so I want 5 plz!
  4. ill mail u 5 and hope u pay me back.
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  5. Do you mail? if so i want a fast spade and econpick.
  6. i can mail that...add 100r to the total.
  7. ok will do! ill pay in a bit!
  8. 6k otw! thanks for the trust! btw y are u closing?
  9. hey I want chest plate too plz will pay when I pay for pix :)
    will pay 8k for all good?
  10. yes im closing
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  11. Y? its sad :( I don't know I hate when it feels like the market is crashing feels like 2009
  12. markets not crashing...just changing
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  13. sorry for the delay payed!