Enchanted Diamond Sword

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  1. Hey I'm from smp7 and I'm looking to sell a diamond sword that has Knockback II, Bane of Anthropods II, and Fire Aspect II. Message me with a price you'd be willing to pay. Thanks!
  2. Is it Diamond? How much do you want for it?
  3. It is diamond and I want to get at least 1500.
  4. This would go better under the auction forums, and make the starting bid 1.5k. you should get at least 3k for it.

    EDIT: That sounded a bit harsh, so I said that because the auction forums is where people go to get rare items such as this. Here, only 1 persom wants it, and you will get much more for it if you auction it off.
  5. It is tempting...
  6. I'll offer 300r :)
  7. I know this is not an auction thread, but 500r.

    I had to do that
  8. He said it was diamond. :)
  9. I'll take PenguinDJ's advice and put it in the auction forum and start it at 1500r.