Enchanted Diamond Stuff For Sale

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  1. I am selling enchanted diamond tools and armour.
    Chestplate- Blast Protection-I _Slightly Used_
    Helmet- Aqua Affinity- I _Slightly Used_
    Boots- Protection- I _Slightly Used_
    Leggings- Blast Protection- I _Slightly Used_
    Pickaxe- Unbreaking- III
    Fortune- III *UNUSED*
    Efficiency- IV
    (All are diamond)
    If you have questions please post.
    If you are interested in buying Message me and we will negotiate a fair price.

  2. Dont double post.
  3. sorry my connection got screwed up, it was an accident
  4. Hmmm... for the pick, 2.5K?
  5. ill show u the items ingame before u buy