Enchanted Diamond Stuff For Sale

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  1. I am selling enchanted diamond tools and armour.
    Chestplate- Blast Protection-I _Slightly Used_
    Helmet- Aqua Affinity- I _Slightly Used_
    Boots- Protection- I _Slightly Used_
    Leggings- Blast Protection- I _Slightly Used_
    Pickaxe- Unbreaking- III
    Fortune- III *UNUSED*
    Efficiency- IV
    (All are diamond)
    If you have questions please post.
    If you are interested in buying Message me and we will negotiate a fair price.

  2. u are not allowed to sell broken stuff
  3. I think you got this mixed up with the Auction rules. I don't see why one would not be allowed to sell items without full durability, they just fetch a lower price than normal.
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  4. Exactly.
  5. Can I buy Fortune3 for 2.5k
  6. u mean the pick?
    the fortune, efficiency, and unbreaking are ALL the pick (which is unused)
  8. .:OFFER:.
    the FULL set of armour will go to the first person to agree to 2.5k
    (agree by replying and saying so)
  9. Yep
  10. I dont get this.... So it's one pickaxe?
  11. yes the pickaxe has the fortune and efficiency and unbreaking on it
  12. Ok highest bid at 3.8k! Anyone else?
  13. anyone want the FULL set of armour for 2.5k ? first person to offer gets it!
  14. 1r. I get it. ITS ALL MINE.
  15. first person to offer 2.5k gets it