Enchanted Diamond set!

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  1. In this set of tools there will only be diffrent, unused diamond tools with diffrent enchantments, these enchantments are very, very rare (Some of them) and are hard to get your hands on. I want a starting bid of 5k for this set and will hope to raise alot higher. This is the set:

    3x Diamond Sword: Sharpness II, Knockback II and Fire Aspect I
    1x Diamond Sword: Knockback II and Looting III
    1x Diamond Sword: Bane of Arthropods I
    1x Diamond Sword: Bane of Arthropods IV
    1x Diamond Sword: Sharpness I
    2x Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency I
    3x Diamond Pickaxe: Unbreaking II
    2x Diamond Pickaxe: Unreaking II, Efficiency II
    1x Diamond Axe: Efficiency I, Unbreaking I
    1x Diamond Axe: Unbreaking I
    1x Diamond Spade: Unbreaking I
    1x Diamond Spade: Efficiency I

    Id like you guys to please buy this and I hope it really helps you Good luck! :cool: