Enchanted Diamond Picks

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  1. I just wondered how you value enchanted diamond pixkaxes, for example; How much would a diamond pick efficiency II or diamond pick silk touch III and unbreaking III. Thanks for reading this and please post. Many thanks Agent_Notch.
  2. Damn I forgot to say hi :)
  3. i will buy silk touch unbreak III for 13k
  4. Forune III is one of the most expensive picks adding it with Silktouch I and Unbreaking III, and ur in the money
  5. are u kidding me its worth like 25K
  6. Shh thats all my money, thanks for ruining it.
  7. he is asking how much is it worth, he is not selling anything
  8. I am asking this because in a few days I will be opening an enchanted diamond pick store at my res on smp1 (witch is 1527) and I will be selling several enchanted picks when it opens. Thanks for posting :)