Enchanted Book Shops

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  1. Okay, so the other night I had the idea that I'm sure many have had, that an enchanted book shop would be an awesome idea! Unfortunately there are a few bugs to deal with. First, the system for selling enchanted books is broken, and you have to use [slot #] to sell them. Second, [slot #] has a bug itself that it only works for that slot. Supposedly you should be able to use [slot 27] and it will seek the next item in the chest backwards from there, but I couldn't get that to work. (I think that has a bug filed on the Empire bug tracker too)

    Anyways, I don't know if this has been invented yet, didn't do much research on this yet, but I've devised my own little solution using a hopper and a comparator, so that it will always feed a single item from the hopper into [slot 1]. I will have it on display on my first res, #14276 on smp7 for a little while if you would like to check it out for yourself. Also, if you have better/more elegant solutions to this problem I would love to check it out for myself! Actually, I'm no redstone expert, so please improve on the design and share your results :)

    (I also added a redstone lamp to indicate if there is stock in the shop chest, I would love to see this in more shops! It would save us all a lot of time.)
  2. Hmm, I have my enchanted books store for about half a year already and have had no problems with [slot 27] :confused:
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  3. really? it wouldn't work for me at all. Whats your shop number?
  4. Its at smp3 #7099 if you curious to see, also we can test it together to setup a fresh chest.
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  5. Thanks again for your help LadBlo, I should make note to anyone else who reads this that there is nothing wrong with the [slot 27] shops, I was just using it wrong. If you are like me and didn't know, the items in the chest need to be placed starting from the last slot in order for it to work. Although I would still love to see more shop owners place an "out-of-stock" light :)
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