Enchanted Book shop errors

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  1. I'm trying to set up an enchanted book shop on SMP5, and it is telling people the items are either out of stock, or item not recognized. I have double checked the item info and created the signs correctly. Any clue what is going wrong?
  2. On the bottom of the sell sign, put [slot 1]
  3. so the bottom line say for the fortune III book would be 403-b1 [slot 1] ?
  4. No just [Slot 1], but when a person buys one, if you don't put another book in the first slot, it will be out of stock =)
  5. I also have the problem selling a God bow.
  6. Why don't enchanted books work using item id?
  7. Aikar we need help!
  8. This is a known issue. And it is on Aikar's to-do list. Aikar put the [Slot #] in as a temporary fix until he has more time to Fix it entirely.
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