Enchanted book price checks

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  1. Hello everyone im starting a enchanted book side business and i need to know the prices for some enchanted books such as:
    silk touch1
    ect. (flame efficiencies infinity and the rest of the possible book enchants)
    thanks in advance
  2. Protection IV - 1000r
    Unbreaking III - 1350r
    Thorns III - 950r
    Sharpness V - 1500r
    Silk Touch I - 900r
    Aqua Affinity - 500r
  3. On smp1 there is an enchanted book shop, and I mostly go there for silk touch and the price is 500r. I don't sell enchanted books myself, but you should make the silk touch 600r, maybe 700r. Unbreaking 3, you should make 900r. Here is at least a few prices you can think of. :)
  4. got any prices for these other books i didn't list Mr. smart pig?
  5. Flame I - 450r
    Infinity - 800r
    Proj. Prot. IV - 750r
    Blast Prot. IV - 750r
    Efficiency IV - 700r
    Bane of Arthropods IV - 650r
    Smite IV - 700r
  6. I don't know a lot about enchanted books. Best leave the pricing to the pig. :)
  7. the pig is very wise
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  8. now i need respiration, looting, fire aspect, punch, power, and fire protection prices.
    xI_LIKE_A_PIGx do you have a enchanted book shop or something?
  9. Where is the shop?
  10. It's erosego's shop, at 534.
  11. Loothing- 1k
    fire asp- 600
  12. Looting 3, silk touch, fortune 3-each worth 1k. At least, thats what I'd buy them for, as a consumer.