Enchanted Book Auction

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by RunningAmbush, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Im Auctioning off 35 Enchanted books. There are many different varieties of enchanted books. im starting the bid at 7k. The winner of the auction can pick up the books at 1912 on SMP1
  2. bid will go on for a few days if you win dont pay unless im online
  3. You need to point out all the books you are auctioning, a minimum bid increment and set an ending time, not just 'a few days', or this auction will not be valid.
    Make sure you read this next time:
  4. In addition to this, please be sure to post auctions in the Community Auctions section found under the Community Marketplace part of the forum. Your auction will get much more attention that way. :)
  5. okay form is how many i have of that book, book and what level book
  6. 7 Sharpness 1, 1 projectile protection 1, 7 protection 1, 1 power 4, 1 smite 2, 1 blast protection 4, 1 efficiency 2, 1 feather falling 4, 5 power 1, 2 feather falling 1, 1 sharpness 3, 3 efficiency 1, and 1 sharpness 2
  7. minimum bid lowering to 6k and bid ends on march 10, 2013
  8. ok i posted in the auctioning section go check it out