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  1. I somtimes and I'm sure many of us do feel frustrated about not being to buy stuff from a shop because it's empty, but what if we made it so in the chat when it says shop out of stock it says to the owner on the chat an a notification on the website that wood is out of stock, I'm sure there are flaws feel free to point out any mistakes in this plan, but I genuinely think this would make it much more easy to run and maintain a shop, and would result in happier customers! Wat ya tink?
  2. I would actually like it if the sign on the shop says FULL or EMPTY on it somewhere... this would make it easier for me to know what to restock and it would let people who want to sell stuff to my shops know if there is space in the chest for it or not.

    I like the idea of fleshing out the market system as much as possible. There is a lot of potential there to make a game within the game... I love to play the markets in MMOs.
  3. yeah i support this also, my prizes are so low *not trying to ad here* that pplz send me out of stock fast :( so it's hard to know when im out of stock or no :/
  4. Yeah these are good ideas. Ive been in a few shops where pretty much everything is out of stock- its so frustrating!
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  5. I think we do need to get something done about this? (Justin I'm sure your reading this)
  6. I don't think the owner needs to be notified, could just end up as spam if you run a big shop. But having an indicator if its in stock or not on the sign would be nice. This idea has been discussed before.
  7. The way the shops signs work, they only check for chest contents when someone clicks on the sign. This is how the server manages to allow hundreds (possibly thousands) of shops without creating a significant drain on the server.
    If a system were created to display the chest contents (full or empty) on the sign it would be a huge drain on the server as it would have to constantly verify the contents of every shop chest on the server.
    Only Justin will know for sure if it is possible to notify the store owner of possible empty chests. It maybe within his expert skills to program the server to send a message like "shaunwhite1982 tried to buy cobblestone from you but chest was empty", but i think this would be best if it only displays when the store owner is logged into a server, messaging the player on the website maybe a bit excessive and spammy.
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  8. What IF Justin could manage to set that phrase to appear as a notification and to appear only once? or something like that...

    You'r cobblestone shop is empty - at 08:12:14
    You'r stone shop is empty - at --.--.--

    or something like that...
  9. It would be good to see something implemented but at the same time the shop owner has to take some responsibility for what they stock.

    A lot of people start a shop selling whatever they've found on their travels. That's great, but some people then fail to replenish and leave the chests there. If you want to sell a lot of stuff people need to accept that this means they in turn will need to spend a lot of time sourcing the goods.

    The alternative option is to sell little, a lot. Focus on three or four items that you can get in abundance, can keep replenished and charge the best rates on the server for them.
    Whilst there are some very good megastores, again, they're not always stocked, and I'm more than happy to shop around for the best prices, so if that means I /v xxxx for good price on wood and /v xxxx for the best prices on redstone, I'll do that.
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  10. I like what you say, sadly, other players just don't think like that :(
  11. Though Shaun. It could update the condition of the chest full/empty when it it's clicked then it would be on display for other players and the owner to notace it could be like green text if it's in stock and red if it isn't mabey
  12. I just seems a bit silly that it doesn't tell the owner in chat their out like it says to you
  13. I posted an idea for green red names at te top of chests for justin, he thought was an ok idea, but he has a lot on the table atm
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  14. This looks good. Brainstorming how this would be implemented:

    When a sign is hit to buy from a chest, the shop would check not only if the sale can succeed, but also if a second sale could take place after.
    Similar mechanic for sales, when checking if a store has room to sell to, see if there's space for a second sale.
    Shops re-check their chests after said chest has been opened/closed.

    Red for a sale sign that is out of stock, green for a buy sign that is full. Not sure if the actual sign text could be altered, but that would be cool too, though it may be harder to see an error from a distance.

    This become a bit more complex if multiple signs are working with the same chest. Their updates would also have to fire full/empty checks for the other shop signs. A sign selling 1 of something won't error out as soon as a sign selling 32 of the same item.
  15. What would be awesome, though maybe impossible:
    Signs with error states (empty sale, full buy) give redstone power. This would allow error lights for shop aisles, or individual error lights if someone can make that look ok.
    A potential problem with this is that people could replace proper redstone power supplies with an empty store. I can't see this this happening though, since a redstone torch or lever would be better, smaller, and probably cheaper.