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  1. Hello Empire Plyers this it is almost time for me to open up my resort on SMP2. With this you get the weekly discount code only ale to be used one time per week. Free rooms under ground commin soon. Yet i have not played long i am almost done! I need to hire some people. Apply with the following questions please.

    1.How long have you played?
    2.Know how to use redstone?
    3.Good at designing?
    4.Good gatherer?
    5.Will you have fun?

    P.S. you can also rate how good you are instead of plain yes and no. Meetings every weekend unless cancled.

    The poll is for fun. Closses in 1000 hours from this post.
  2. This is my project also helping introduce myself. I will post a complete forum later on.
  3. hey deadly! ill help!

    1.How long have you played? over a year
    2.Know how to use redstone? yup! 7/10 on the scale of redstone
    3.Good at designing? so/so
    4.Good gatherer? so/so
    5.Will you have fun? what kind of question is that?!?! (also known as yes...)

    P.S. how did you get your Delta Team member badge to work? mine doesnt D:
  4. I've played about a half a year or more. I have good experience with redstone and i am a amazing designer! I'm not a fan of gathering but will do it anyway. Will I have fun?? Heck yes!!!
    Also i wanna help a fellow Delta Team member :D
  5. wow, cool! every post is by a delta team member!
  6. ask copherfeild and he will add a link. Joining my crew will give you a white grade badge.
  7. today I will add you guys to the list!
  8. you have to wait till the end of the 1,000 hours to begin though. Delta team is already helping and if you are on the delta team you stay freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.:D
  9. If the redstone project is anywhere near "fun to make" and not just random "Look i can YouTube!" stuff - give me a PM and i'll help/supervise if needed.
  10. when its updated it wont need as much redstone work and it will have better lighting... Fun to make is great too!
  11. Ok this is gonna be fun!
  12. I am adding your names to the list today!
  13. Im sorry im closing this...
  14. What u mean???
  15. Could you please post things like this on community marketplace, it makes forums all cluttered.:)