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  1. Link to Nothing Inc. Hub: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/nothing-inc.16922/

    This Forum is for the Employment Office run by Nothing Inc.

    In this service people can post here or PM me that they have a job that is needed done or want to do a job. for 50r you can become a 1-time job searcher. 100r to become a permament job searcher. for 150r you can post a job. The way this works is simple but difficult to explain so bare with me.

    If a person wants to be highered they will PM me or post here and I will add them to a list. the list will be posted here and posted in the employment office at 1230. you pay 50r to be on this list once. 100r to be on it untill Nothing Inc. shuts down (hopefully never). only people on my list may take jobs.
    Nothing Inc. contains the right to deny any request.

    Form to sign up:
    1 time or full time:

    If you would like to higher some1 you can post here and I will add your job to the wall at the Employment Office at 1230. You must pay me before your job is added to the wall.
    Stock shopping and buddies for wild/nether exploration are now invalid. Only small jobs are allowed.
    Nothing Inc. contains the right to deny any request.

    Form to sign up:
    Description of the job including pay:
    Res and server:

    Jobs are first come first serve. when a job has been posted the first employee to contact me about it gets the job. The job must be completed or you will be banned from Nothing Inc.


    Please be patient as this is just starting up and the system will have to be smoothed out.
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  3. We are slightly changing the rules for the EO. you will be given a full refund but your job is going to be removed. sorry