Empires Supply Co.

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  1. Empire's Supply Co

    Welcome to the Empire Supply Company! This is our new supply company! This supply co. however will be run differently to other supply companies, making it easier to order, organize, and to track your own order! The way it works is via google forms, with an easily accessible and easy to to fill out order form. Here are the links... (Click the "Order Form" "Suggestion Form" and "Tracking Pages" to view)

    Order Form: Order Here
    Suggestion Form: Suggest any new items, or feedback.
    Tracking Page: Track your order and view completed orders!

    How this will work...

    So you are to fill out the order form out honest and correctly, ordering only ONE item and quantity per form. If you want to order multiple items you will need to fill out multiple forms. Reasoning for one item per form is to prevent large orders, and the orderer wanting it all at once, just gives us a chance to focus on more orders as well.

    Catalog (Prices per DC)...

    Stone: 1,900R
    Cobblestone: 1,350R
    Oak, Dark Oak, Pine, Jungle and Birch Logs: 6,000R
    Sand: 1,450R
    Sandstone: 5,800R
    Glass: 5,000R
    Hardened Clay: 6,900R
    Quartz: 28,000R
    Netherrack: 700R
    Netherbrick: 3,500R
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  2. how much is per amount per item?

    I think others would like to know, :)
  3. No form - and it's more convenient if you just list the prices on the thread anyway.
  4. Alright prices are up!

    Click the "Order Form" for the form, and prices are up!
  5. For Quartz is it blocks or shards?
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  6. Shoulda mentioned it, flakes
  7. The orders just completed were all made by me. I made a mistake by ordering 5 DC of quartz - please change that to 1 DC, or I can submit a new one :)
  8. uhm is the order form not open?
  9. They appear to be swamped with orders.
  10. I don't know of any supply company that doesn't undercut themselves and burn out in a month :) If I'm lucky I get an order in before they do though..
  11. Thank you someone who understands lol
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  12. Sorry about the Form being closed it has been super hard on a couple of members right now so it might be another week till we reopen the link :/
  13. How's it going?