Empire's Kingdom [EVENT]

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  1. Hey guys!
    I've decided to host an event, and this one is going to be mega fun!

    A few hundred years ago, the Empire's kingdom once thrived. It had livestock of sheep, pigs, and cows. Every night creepers, skeletons, endermen and zombies roamed the streets, but where quickly shot down by the knights who protected the fellow villagers.

    One day, somebody opened the gates to let in the opposing kingdom, who broke the captured monsters cells, and let them wreck havoc across the land. The enemy quickly retreated, but the kingdom was left weak from the attack.

    The endermen saw this as a chance to strike. They ripped land up from a nearby plains biome, and hurled it all at the kingdom's walls. They infiltrated the main village of the kindgom, leaving many people homeless. They left after pillaging the injured, and killing all of the livestock. Even robbing the king's secret chest!

    Now the kingdom was awfully weak, with no food and no jewels, and no money. The endermen kept floating islands above the kingdom, and invaded every other day of the week.

    Now, two hundred years after this terrible event, 2 heroes from each server will make a stand.

    The event will start on 12th May 2012 and will end on the same day (until everyone but the winner dies). The reason for its late start is because I currently have no internet and have to use a wi-fi dongle, and the 10th May is my birthday. I'm getting an axolotl and I want to get him (or her! :D) settled in also.
    Servers allowed to participate:

    One male and one female from each of those servers are allowed to participate.
    I will turn my own server into the 1000x1000 map.
    You can choose from one of these classes:


    The Assassin must hunt down other players and PvP them while split up from their other team member.
    The villager must collect supplies for his other team member, but will later PvP their partner to the death if still alive.
    The Knight must protect his other team member, but can slay him/her if they want to.

    The server IP will be released in a private conversation with the people selected. There will be a The Empire conversation spread out in as many website chats I need.

    Enter in this form if you wish to participate:
    Your username:
    Your server:
    Your class:
    Why you wish to participate:
    Skills (PvP/Survival):

    3:00PM GMT
    10:00AM EST

    Any other time zones needed, tell me. My discalculiac brain needs a minus hours though! :p (Hard for me to subtract with my suckish disability)

    Get iron armor
    Get iron tools
    Go to the nether
    Find a stronghold
    Get some blaze rods
    Hunt down other players with your team mate
    Kill your team mate

    All of these goals have to be completed, for you to go to your next challenge, where five more players will be introduced (Planned to be a month later!)

    A secret player will be deployed, watch out for him!

    Current places Taken:
    Mrlegititislegit - smp3 - Male (female remaining for smp3!)
  2. Your username: Mrlegitislegit
    Your server:SMP3
    Your class:Knight
    Why you wish to participate: I've never done something like this and want to try!
    Skills (PvP/Survival):Survival
  3. Welcome to the kingdom ;)