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  1. I am soon planning to teach myself how to program with Android. I have very little knowledge of programming and the only thing I know of programming is a little bit of Java. I want to start my first app as the "EmpireMinecraft Android" since their website is not mobile compatible. So if you have knowledge of Android programming or want to help me in my quest please reply below. I will also be happy if we make a development team out of this. Also Justin if you are reading this right now I would appreciate your help because I need your permission and a few knowledge of your website.
    Also do not ask me anything about Apple since I do not have any sort of Apple products. And yes not even an iPod.
  2. Empire minecraft works fine on my ipod and phone, thanks for the thought but i dont think this is needed.
  3. We'll we all hate it when websites load slowly. This app makes a portable EmpireMinecraft so it won't take longer for it to load. This app will have pre-installed images so your phone (Android) doesn't have to load that much. This will also make the website portable which means that it will make the entire website fit in one screen (Scroll down and up included but not side to side) so you don't have to scroll everywhere just to find what your looking for. This is for people who are active in the community and have android phones.
  4. I do agree that it loads slowly and you have a point. If you wish to make this app i am not stopping you, i am giving my opinion on it ;) good luck if you decide to go ahead!
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  5. i think that if u integrate this into an android app it will be awesome, + every1 will be even more empiremaniac *addicted* i don't know much about android but i could help with some design or something, also, i will sign up for beta tester :p

    some ideas:
    Make the app have a main menu with big icons with the main stuff:
    -Server status
    -Rupees controll

    The most usefull tool would be the rupees controll, maybe adding some "pop-up's" or notifications each time you get or loose rupees while offline or with a toggle would be awesome.

    Once again, this are just ideas for you :p
    ill go ahead and learn how to code/design or w/e with android :)
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  6. I will plan to integrate server status and rupees control. For now I am making a base of the app. The app however still doesn't connect online for several purposes. The app shows the Empire logo and has tabs with blank pages(Black and orange theme). Also I like the idea when you get a notification when your rupee has lost or earned rupees. In a interval you set it will display either this "You have gained 500 rupees!" or "You have lost 500 rupees!". I will also plan to add the live map in the future but for now it's simple coding. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. It does work on my Iphone well but there could be some things to help with it :) I thought about this myself so should be interesting to see if JustinGuy agrees with it or not :)
  8. The best way to learn is to do! I would start simple rather than trying to take on recreating an entire forum on a mobile app. I would maybe just make a pocket edition of the Empire Guide and see how that goes :)

    The only thing I would have a problem with is if you charge for the app (must be free to use Empire Minecraft name).
  9. :D
    Actually, dynamaps show perfectly in android mobile phones, without any plugins, other apps or nothing, just as an example, go on you'r android phone and access this adress trough the web app> smp3.empireminecraft.com:8880 (the last digit is a zero, somehow the font of the empire website makes 0 and o almost the same :p)
  10. Nice idea! I have android
  11. I love how you call it Android programming.

    Though it's a nice idea, you'd really be wasting your time. There isn't any need for such an app as currently not many use the forum and allowing users to post even more frequently/easily will fill the forum with spam.
    As well as the fact that this forum software, XenForo, also supports mobile skins which, I assume, can (easily) be installed next to the normal skin. I'm sure there are many photoshoppers out there who would edit the mobile themes to make it look like the current one.
  12. I love how you don't even know how to call it.

    In my opinion, if he is, or is not wasting his time is of his matter and not yours. There IS need for an app like this because hundreds of people use the forum and allowing users to post/read/controll forums more frequently/easily will fill the server/website/forums of people's important content and also will add a tool to show how pro is the empire.
    Conserning the fact that this forum software, XenForo, supports mobile skins wich, you may assume of being easily installed, it IS in fact, but making an app would make stuff easier for the people and will make stuff easier to find with a cellphone, because of the "Menu" idea. There are many photoshoppers out there but here i don't see anyone purposing doing a skin and YES doing an android app.
  13. Funny how you immediately try to overrule all my arguments. I'm not telling him not to do it, I just recommend him not to. If he really wants to do it I'll help him, just send me a PM. I agree with your statement that you can more easily manage your stuff through this 'menu', however, what is there to control? There aren't that many things. The only thing I can come up with is Rupee control (in order to check if you've sold anything).

    The forum should be handled by the mobile version. You should have read the guide upon account creation and server status can be very easily checked by going to the normal webpage and click on servers. Just tell me (or anyone else) if you've got some interesting ideas that should be implemented.
  14. Nice idea! I have android
  15. You can try it,But your up for a challange,Ive programmed for like 2years in Python,C# and Java And Android Programming is like Impossible :D

    Try the Appinventor Program,Heard that it is Great....
  16. App Inventor by Google is really not recommended for making a serious application. It's more for those who are interested but doubting to learn; they can experience what Android is capable of.
  17. I know,Byt for a demo,Perfekt!
  18. try looking for something called eclipse, it's kinda SDK for advanced android coders, it isn't that hard to do it...
    MCPacifier i just answered to that since i completelly disagreeded to all your points.
  19. Eclipse is a great IDE. Strongly recommended.
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  20. Of course not! I would not charge for an app! But I am making a "app that does nothing" for donations.