Empire Wide April Fools' Day Highlights

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  1. JabrZer0 (Jordan) and I (Aaron) have been working hard these last few days to get up a couple more videos (wrap up the April Fools' Day stuff, put up the next Island Adventure, and finish a tutorial Justin and Jeremy asked us to put together. These videos we hope will all be up by tonight (10ish EST). We have the April Fools' video uploaded, one done and preparing to upload (by preparing, I mean as soon as Jabr wakes up :p ) and the tutorial is half done.

    We hopefully will get them up ASAP. In the mean time, enjoy :)

    UPDATE: We will be adding another thread for the Island Adventure video (it is up now). Also, the Tutorial will just be linked to the guide (it isn't quite finished yet), so it won't be featured.

    Here is a link to the thread for our Island Adventure Part 2.
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  2. HI-Larious!
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  3. Quite hilarious!! That was very enjoyable. I am glad that our April Fools went so well! :)
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  4. Im soo mad that i missed the april fools!
  5. Hah, this was nice! Was that cooperative mob magical?
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  6. He might as well have been hahahaha
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  7. Who was the enderdragon in smp2?
  8. Aikar
  9. Aikar tried my water slide! lol

  10. Alright already! Enough bashing the guy who needs his beauty sleep! I'm up, I'm up! let's do this. (YouTube videos take like an hour to upload over our connection, and more time to process, so please bear with us)
  11. Good times. I only got to see the dragon on smp3. should have hopped around and seen more.
  12. epic video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Lolz guys great joke :) you seriously had me fooled.. I built a dirt hut around my chest out of sheer terror that a creeper would try to hug my diamonds. Great joke! Cool vid too.. Lol Justin :)
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  14. Please tell me someone got a picture of the enderdragon on its giant egg in smp3 ? :D
  15. Awesome video guys i loved it.Wish I didn't miss April fools day on the Empire.:)
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  16. It really was a mob fest ;)
  17. Epic video guys! Can't wait to see many more!