Empire Weekly Residence Contest

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  1. Hello there mates. Wait... i'm not from ausy
    but whatever Empire Weekly is having a weekly Residence Contest.
    Please Leave a comment like this to apply.

    Res #:
    Features in the Res:

    And thats all!
    Winner gets what is donated to Empire Weekly so please Donate to spread the rupees.

    1st. Place Prize - 5,000r
    2nd. Place Prize - TBA
    3rd. Place Prize - TBA

    For does of you that do not know TBA is to be announced.
  2. _Stads_
    Clocktower (being rebuilt), Massive Farm, Massive Wool Farm (I think it may even be EMC's biggest).
    You will spawn under the clocktower if you continue forward down the ladder is wool farm and down the steps is farm. If you turn around and go up the stairs to ground level you will see a clocktower!
  3. Oh and can we add other people's residences?