Empire Wastelands Minecraft Mod

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  1. The Empire Wasteland Mod
    By fluffinator09 and The EMC Community

    Recently I have been toying with the idea of a mod inspired by Fallout.
    I love Fallout and Minecraft but am frustrated by the fact that no one has been able to make a mod that combines the two. So I am going to do it.
    But wait! I have no coding experience!
    So I got this modding tool that allows me to use make mods
    using models already in game and other things.
    With it I can add:
    - Biomes
    - Blocks
    - Mobs
    - Recipes For Furnace and Crafting Table
    - Armor
    - Buildings
    - New Tool Materials
    - New Models

    So my point here is I have a bunch of features in mind for this mod. I just have
    a small problem adding them in, even with this application's help.
    I am terrible with making the finer point details. Mainly graphical things.
    So here is where the EMC Community comes in.

    How To Help
    I need a variety of resources for this mod. Here's a list and what you can do!

    I plan to add new mobs to this mod. And those mobs need skins.
    These skins may be for any model: I.E. Biped, Chicken, Pig, etc...


    In this mod there are going to be a variety of buildings that will randomly
    spawn in specially created biomes. These building are included
    but not limited to:
    - Cities!
    - Gas Stations
    - Small Towns
    - Run Down Forts
    - Gas Stations
    - And Many Many More!

    When submitting these please submit them in a
    schematic file format.

    Items and Armor Pictures

    I plan on adding a lot of new items to the game as I progress. For these I will need
    textures to accompany them. They could range anywhere from new food items to new
    weapons and armor to new fuels.

    Submitting Content
    Content will be collected by attaching the file to the post in which you quote my
    request for the content. I will then select one or more of the submissions to be entered into the game
    and your name will be added as a submitter in a place...

    I am always looking for cities! But please remember that they must fir the post-nuclear apocalyptic theme!




    Change logs and Versions will be posted here when they are ready.
    Or the may be put into a separate thread. It is unknown at this time.

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  2. Well, this is awesome.
  3. Trust me, making mods by the core code is wayyy better than the mod making tools out there, as there are many more options that can be added without the mod making tools.
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  4. I believe you but at the moment I am unable to learn the code. So this will be how I do it for now.
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  5. As soon as I get a bit more interest I will officially announce how updates and releases will go!
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  6. I thank you for your support!
  7. Could a moderator change the title to "Empire Wastelands Minecraft Mod"
  8. I can help build some of the generated buildings :)
  9. Awesome. Just watch for building requests. :)
  10. I posted this for the bumpz!
  11. So here is how releases with features may go (All features are subject to change):

    Alpha Release 1*:
    -Add Gas Station Biomes 1-3
    -Add Gas Station Buildings 1-3
    -Add 3 Raider Mobs
    -Add 1 Raider Dog Mob
    -Add Raider Hideout Biome 1
    -Add Raider Hideout Building 1

    Alpha Release 1.1:
    -Add Raider Hideout Biome 2-3
    -Add New Gas Can Fuel Source
    -Add New Canned Foods
    -Add Local Clinic Biome 1
    -Add Local Clinic Building 1

    Alpha Release 1.2*:
    -Add New Radioactive Mutant Mob 1-3
    -Add New Wastelander Armor
    -Add New Wastelander Mob
    -Add New Wasteland Biome

    *Release will not be avliable for public testing
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  12. I am of course always taking ideas for the mod!
  13. Official Work will begin on this tomorrow.
    I am putting in a community request for Raider Mob Skins. They will be bipeds and if you need ideas for what they should look like Google Fallout 3 Raiders.
  14. Any thoughts here in and so far?
  15. I have changed it to where Alpha 1.2 will be released for EMC Community Member Testing!
    But I am still in need of Raider Skins and Gas Station Buildings and Raider Hideout Building!
    These MUST be in a post apocalyptic setting! Let me know what you think in a post(s) below!
  16. Alpha 1.0 will be finished tomorrow! And Alpha 1.2 will be released Friday for Public Testing! But I still need the things listed in the feature list to proceed!!!!
  17. Awesome!
  18. Will there be any special types of weapons in the mod?