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  1. So here's the idea: I record videos of shows, events, drama, etc and edit it, maybe sell some commercial slots, and the put it on the forums. Maybe we could have different channels like a food channel for my cooking events, maybe a lets play channel and others. Different people could make different "shows" for it. Any thoughts about this?
  2. Interesting idea, could work but we would require many people to work.
  3. Wouldn't be a bad idea for the stream team to work on! I would love to help if you decide to do this.
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  4. I'd love to contribute. But since it's very likely I cant, I'd at the very least support it by watching :D
  5. Yeah I will probably need help making shows because i have never streamed or posted on youtube in my life. Also how do you change your avatar on youtube? I made a logo already:
  6. I could pitch JackBiggin the idea and he will probably make a logo for it :p
  7. Yeah it would probably be better than mine XD. I made that one in like 5 minutes on photoshop. Go for it potato! We don't want to have a youtube cube running a tv channel. I mainly came up with the idea so I could make a cooking channel, and other people could make other channels

  8. Rough Draft brought to you by Erektus.
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  9. Final draft of the Empire Brother's take on the ETV logo.
  10. Awesome! I'm using that one!
  11. Actually I'll probably use this one
  12. Make that one a png with a transparent background and I could try to animate it so it could be overlayed.
  13. Could I get the PSD file of the final draft?
  14. So have you guys decided how you're going to do this? And have you decided exactly what you will be doing?
  15. Nope