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  1. Hey guys this is Kermit_HD, and I'm here to announce that I am going to be making a Tutorial on how to play on this server and a pretty much walk through the empire guide. I would like at least 3 other people preferably 15 or older that have skype, and would like to help out in this video. If you have any questions please either reply to this post or add me on skype.

    Skype = MrOnlineXbox
  2. I'm not sure why you want to make a tutorial? We have one for when new members sign up already, plus we have the amazing empire guide. If people choose to ignore these forms of help and end up getting banned, it's their own fault :p
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  3. I actually quite like this idea. I'd much rather watch a video then read a guide, be sure to let us know when it done (-:
  4. @hayleycolgan It's not really because people ignore the forums it's mainly going to be for those that have read it, but still don't really understand how it works. I've noticed there are people that read it, but really don't know what it all means, and that's basically what I'll be doing is explaining a little more what everything does as well as showing them how to use it. So that way if they still don't really understand the guide they can always refer to this video. :)
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  5. Great idea. I too have noticed all too many people who join, and immediately begin spamming about how to claim a res. When asked if they read the guide, most reply "Well ya but I don't get any of it." I'd gladly help out, and hopefully the video will eventually become official.
  6. Im in,I was actually just doing one using fraps and my mic :D
  7. Lazy.
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