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  1. Sup guys? im currently on smp8 meet me there,

    this is just a chat room kinda thing to talk about stuff
  2. what do you think about stuff?
  3. Well, I dont know what to say.... I likes pigs.
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  4. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b
  5. Well hello guys and what do u think about a competition or something.

    PS try and get as many people as possible to join this chat so they can help us to
  6. haha nice

    Welcome To EMC, hope you enjoy it here ;)
  7. Welcome to EMC ;)
  8. I like turtles...
  9. I like trains.
  10. I like mice...
  11. What is the subject? we can discuss the on going issue with chem-trails from aeroplanes?
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  12. I like Minecraft :D
  13. I love MineCraft :D :D :D
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  14. Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  15. I don't like pie. I LOVE PIE!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D;)
  16. Mmm
    Poland is nice *wink*

    Anywho, welcome to the empire!
  17. I like wolves.
    And Bacon. Mhmmmmm. :)

    Welcome to the Empire! You'll love it here!
  18. :p
  19. Potato is my favorite word xP