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  1. Is it possible to show what shop/res number you sold or bought from in the rupee history? I think this would be really useful :)

    For instance: Player shop sold 1 Shears to Eptheplaya
    be changed to
    Player shop (18885) sold 1 Shears to Eptheplaya
  2. This is not possible, and if it were to be changed it would only have that information from the time of implementation.

  3. Well still put my suggestion in because I think it'd be useful even if it didn't show up on past history
  4. Personally, I feel like this is il-necessary, the rupee history already shows the amount, the item, and the player who you bought it from ... What is a use for keeping track of what res it's bought from? If a player has a shop, he/she will be selling the items anyways, and if you need reverse transactions made, it shouldn't matter what res the shop is on - that person is willing to sell the items and it should count by the player - not what res the transaction was made on.

    One use for keeping track of what res it was bought on, I can only think of one valid use for this ... 'To have people buy 'tickets' on a res and you can check the paper in rupee history separate from your shop on your other res' ... However, If this was the case - maybe it would be a different suggestion to have use for the trapped chest instead of a normal chest near a buy/sell sign ... and every time a transaction is made using the sign, the trapped chest gives out an output.

    That was my suggestion, but recapping what I said - What is your reasoning of why this should be implemented?
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  5. The thing that came to mind was seeing as Wolves is Diamond and can own 4 residences, that could mean 4 shops if someone is crazy enough to do that. I don't know how they keep record of multiple shops on rupee history but it might come in handy if say you had shops on 4 different servers.
  6. well i imagine it would help you keep track (ie. know which shop to stock) if you sell the same things on multiple res's

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  7. True - I get what you're saying ... I was just trying to say - Why does one need to know what server it's on? You receive money from one shop ... receive money from another ... if someone needs money back, just look in rupee history it says who gave it when and you can give them the money back ...

    But I do understand you guys' perspective too, just trying to say ... is it needed? :p
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  8. This exactly
  9. It saves me time from checking numerous chests
  10. I've put you in charge of this, Chickeneer. I think I've volunteered you for 98% of requests that come in.
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  11. ... I don't know how to do this... I guess I would figure it out eventually; but I have other things to do than work on something I would never use...
  12. Forward to aikar. It will greatly help shop owners
    With multiple reses
  13. He reads these threads - don't worry
  14. A much easier way would simply be to charge 1R difference. I highly doubt any EMC consumers are going to nitpick over a stack of something for 30 vs 31 vs 32R...

    Scratched that out... I'm sure someone, somewhere probably will.
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  15. I was actually thinking of this a few weeks ago but in the opposite way. I had purchased some Redstone from someone and a few days later I wanted to see if they had restocked but for the life of me I couldn't remember what res and server I had purchased it from. Unfortunately, I believe it was a Res with multiple shop owners and after finding it in my rupees history, the player didn't have his shop on his actual Res. If this was implemented, going forward, I could find the place I purchase things at.
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  16. That is somthing i didnt even think about but is a great point
  17. Since the websites DB is hooked up to the players ingame, the history system would probably be better suited on the website instead of in game.

    Imagine typing /r list then having a list of items too long for your chat.
    especially if you own multiple shops.

    When I used to own a Hl2dm RP server we had a transaction history for our players which simple displayed

    Date:Time -/+ x$ Reason:y

    The reason would either be a item name or would say x has added y$ to x$ bank/money

    But that some sql DB work, that works same as systems do when you purchase x from paypal and the system auto adds it to you person.
  18. I'd be happy just being able to search and sort Rupees history. Even if I had to export it to a csv file first.
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