Empire Reforesting Project

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Will YOU participate in this Reforesting Project?

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  1. Empire Reforesting Project

    Applies to:
    · SMP1
    · SMP2
    · SMP3
    · SMP4
    · SMP5
    · SMP6

    How many of us have gone to the wild to gather wood to either sell or use to craft the things we need to properly mine or build or homes on our residences and we find that there are no trees? Anywhere. They have all been picked over. So, we spend an hour or two finding some rogue tree in the middle of a place far from any outpost. I have… and I know how frustrating it is.

    So, we resort to buying wood from vendors, which is expensive if you’re not a supporter and are trying to build something out of wood that uses a lot. It’s a waste of money and also takes the adventure out of going out to get your OWN resources. Not everybody likes to rely solely on the economy.

    This project will run from 2/28 at 9pm until 3/2 at 9pm. (EST)
    We will need volunteers (approximately 10 per server) to dedicate time to reforesting areas of the wilderness for other players. Once a month (more if needed – subject to adjustment depending on the need) we will reforest, and hopefully gain more volunteers as we go.
    If you think this is boring or a waste of time, just think of how many people you’re going to help out? It’s a selfless act of kindness toward other players, and that’s EXACTLY what makes EMC a great community to be a part of. There are some things that we, as citizens of EMC, can change without any moderator help… how can we look to those in higher positions for help when we aren’t willing to help each other? It seems to me that it would be too unbalanced.

    I understand that the work may be in vain and that some people will just take it all for themselves, but that’s ok. We are giving to the server what the server has given us – a fun and loving community. Hopefully with time we can grow our volunteer/sapling number to keep up with reforesting efforts for the wilderness of the Empire.

    Some basic tips:
    1)Bring all the saplings you have and are willing to part with
    2)Bring extra if you can to give to those who aren’t as supplied with them as you may be
    3)Let the trees grow naturally, avoid using and wasting bone meal
    4)Try to keep your trees in a set area and not overcrowd the wilderness with TOO many trees no matter where you turn. Large forests are okay, but let’s not cover the whole wilderness in nothing but trees. Keep a far enough space above/beside the trees for sufficient growth of each sapling.
    5)If you come across a tree that was just harvested and the leaves are still not dead, break through them, collect the saplings, and reforest with those. It’s an excellent way to restock your resources.

    Please MESSAGE ME (do NOT reply to the thread with applicant information) via a conversation with your username and how much you think you realistically can have planted within the next few days and whether or not you’d be interested in future reforesting projects. Tell me which server you play on. If there are too many people on one server, I will assign you to another server to replant the saplings. We need an even number of people on each server to serve the entire Empire effectively.

    How much can you do:
    Interested in further reforesting projects?

    Thank you to each and every player who contributes to the reforestation of the Empire. Everyone will be grateful for your hard work and It will give us even more reason to be proud of the community we serve.

  2. Alternatively, if you can manage it, build a forest in your Res. If you do it close to the max build height, you can have a nice rooftop garden like I do, which you use for wood gathering.

    Or you can do it at the very bottom of your Res and make sure you've got torches / glowstone around the place.

    Again, I do applaud these efforts to fix the Wild, but head+brickwall+banging springs to mind and someone will just come along and tear it all up again.

    Don't forget to put the Timezone in by the way.
  3. It's always nice to place wood on your property to build forests, but wood in the wild is also a valid resource for those who don't want trees on their property. But thanks for your additional info. Fixed the timezone as well