Empire Quality Construction Inc.

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Need Something Built?

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  1. Hello Empire Players! Empire Quality Construction Inc. Is A Construction Company That Specialize's In Craftsmanship And Quality. We Also Have A Bonus Feature, Free Homes Built For New Players, And Free Home's Built To The Homeless That Need It. Looking To Get Something Built? Contact Trucker454 On Smp2, Or Comment On This Thread.

    We Charge Very Little :)

    Payments- Material Cost + Labor.

    Wanting To Join The Team? Glad To Welcome You! Contact Trucker454 To Join. Im Always On Smp2 :D
  2. I'd like help making my sugar cane farm
  3. Alrighty, We are new to sugar cane farms but can help as much as we can! please come to smp2 whenever you can.
  4. I am still houseless through 800 days! :p

    But this is a building service, so what are your prices, and can I see some of your work?
  5. Can you upload some photos of your builds?