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  1. Do you make cool builds?!?! Do you want everyone to see your cool builds LOOKING EVEN COOLER THAN THEY DO RIGHT NOW?! Well if so I can do that for you for FREE. I use a 3D rendering program called Chunky that's right like the type of soup.

    If you want your cool build shown to all of emc I will take this picture for you and it can take anywhere from 3 to about 12 hours (depends if there are many torches and light emitting blocks, whether it is outside or inside and more). If you would like this FREE service please due the following:
    • Tell me what res and server you want me to take the picture from (I have to use world downloader) or send me the world file.
    • Post a picture of you standing where you want me to take the picture from. (angled pictures NOT straight on pictures look nicer in my opinion)
    • Your screen resolution (Length x Width)
    I hold the right to reject any project someone asks me to complete and will take on 4 (FOUR) pictures a day at max.
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  2. how much did the software cost?
  3. What about your other thread?
  4. I'm finishing all from the other thread including yours :) but I wanted a better written thread.
  5. It is free but it uses alot of CPU and it takes an awful amount of time leaving your computer near useless.
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  6. This is free?!?!
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  7. You just said it was...?
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  8. xD I am just saying they look nice and I am doing them for free so I don't see why people don't want it.
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  9. I would like it if you could stop by smp4 and take some photos of my hotel in progress. I gave you move perms, when do you think you can stop by?
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  10. Read the OP
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  11. Finished my latest two. Now looking for great interior design (with lots of windows)
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  13. Does that include mine?
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  14. It sucks that doors are glitched in chunky :(
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  15. Chunky is awesome! Jimbonothing64 made some renderings of the wild community I started a long while ago and now I am hooked to chunky. Here is my first rendering (150 SPP only, still looks nice I think).
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