Empire Overwatch Initiative

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Are you interested in hosting a tourney?

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  1. Hey there, now recently I've noticed that a lot of us on EMC have been enjoying Blizzard's newest game Overwatch. So I thought to myself "Hey wouldn't be cool if we could have Overwatch Tournaments for prizes on EMC?", so this is what that is. I want to get together all the North America Overwatch players together to do tournaments and stuff and play some Overwatch. Anybody can host the tournaments just by posting the date and time you want to host it. Now if you want to join in these tournaments you will need to be friends with who is hosting it by exchanging Battle Tags and adding them to your friends list, which can be done through PMs. So if you're interested in this, I will host the first tournament with dates and time after this post here.

    Empire Overwatch Tournament

    Date: August 18th 2016

    Time: 3:00PM Est time

    Prizes: Members of the winning team will each receive 1000r

    Hosts Battle Tag: Shadow#17666, please send your battle tag to me before adding if you would like to join.
  2. I wish I could join, but I need to get into playing overwatch, but overall cool
  3. I'm a hard maybe for this thursday
  4. Sounds really cool, if I can make it I will

    When I got back from my trip I was considering making a competitive startup clan for the fall season. Just a thought ;)
  5. It's already been, it was August the 18th
  6. Though you couldn't make I wouldn't mind doing competitive with others, saying solo competitive went terrible for me.
  7. lol rip

    thats what happens when you get back to wifi after god knows how long