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Which game would you like to play the most?

Poll closed Nov 20, 2011.
Maze Runner 4 vote(s) 25.0%
Spleef Arena 8 vote(s) 50.0%
Mine Climb 3 vote(s) 18.8%
Foot Race 1 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. Hey guy's just creating a Poll and this discussion board to see what mini-games work and which don't and which games you fine Empire dwellers enjoy. So, so far I've seen the "Mine Climb", "Foot Race", "Maze Runner"and of coarse the "Spleef Arena".

    From my understanding this is what each game is:

    Mine Climb - 2 Players race up a wall of randomly placed ladders and the first one to the top of the wall wins.

    Foot Race - 2-4 Players race across a designated area and first one across the finish line wins.

    Maze Runner - Players are thrown into a maze which if they manage to complete they win.

    Spleef Arena - From my understanding and what I've seen on YouTube video's, a group of people are locked inside an arena and have to dig out the ground, trying to make sure they don't fall in but at the same time trying to make other players fall in. The last player still in the arena is the winner.

    What I want to know is, how much people would pay to play these games and what kind of prizes you guy's are looking for. I understand some games are harder, bigger and a bit rougher than other and also would take longer so that would be a variable in the charging/ prize giving factor.

    I thank everyone who votes and gives their honest opinion on this topic and I hope any information collaborated from this post helps people in the future of the Empire and it's mini-games!
  2. As far as I know a Spleef arena is in construction on the arenas server.
  3. Mine climb sounds pretty cool, I have never seen that before!
  4. The spleef Arena is not yet being built, as JustinGuy needs to make and put in some plugins to make it work properly, but he has bigger things that need to be done first. So it will be a while. But the other ideas definitly have merit!
  5. These things aren't something I'm suggesting Justin makes Zanderboy, these are things a few of us are building on our plots of land to make extra money. Like 5r entry and winner gets a diamond and all that
  6. Ok, just thought I would let you know with the whole spleef arena thing. :)
  7. Haha thanks mate, I actually just finished designing a new game, which is a fusion of ALL of the games!

    I call it 'The Amazing Race" haha (not very creative, hope they don't sue me).

    Pretty much you start at ground level, fall into a deep room then have to race your opponent to the end. You have to race through FIVE rooms and the rooms are named: PARKOUR, INTELLIGENCE, PERCEPTION, CLIMBING and PUZZLE (in that order).

    The parkour room involves climbing across a bottomless pit (kinda) without falling in and if you fall in your eliminated from the race.
    The Intelligence room involves remembering a specific code (which is my date of birth) and using the code to get through all the doors to the next level. Going through the wrong door and clicking the switch will again drop you into a pit and your eliminated.
    The Perception room is a room full of pictures with a door behind one of them, you need to use the hint given to find the door as quickly as possible.
    The Climbing room involves climbing up a Long drop to the next room, falling of coarse means you need to start again (I will have little ledges for people to take a break on if they need it.
    And the Puzzle room is a room full of switches and only one switch will open the door to the Trophy room (a hint will again be given).

    What do you think? I know it's a very long race but I'm thinking about like a 5 Diamond prize and 15 rupee entry.
  8. I think it sounds awesome, can you tell me what your res number is? When I get on, I will come look at it!
  9. I haven't built it yet but I'm going to start when I hear some more opinions, I don't want to waste that much time, effort, space and resource on something no one will ever use ya know?

    But my Res is 2232
  10. Yes my race is going to have ALL of those games in it though and then some more ;D
  11. Um on the server I was actully the first to have the mineclimb:)
  12. I like mazes, and my favorite maze is the Gamblew Maze I saw. You pay money to play, then once you win however much you payed is doubled and thats what you win.