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  1. Hi guys i have made a Group Called the SMKS Special Mob Killing Service
    What we do is that we Get hired 2 do things and Sometimes whoever Takes part in a mission on that day Gets a share of my 100 rupee
    Also We currently Have Command on smp1 at 2540 But we will eventually Make a base on smp2 and smp3 smp4 wille too hard
    So visit smp1-2540 and read the signs and apply with a sign on the wall that says Apply here
    The ranks are:
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  2. Sounds like it could be fun. Best of luck.
  3. We Actually have a few members already we have
    COmmanders Zacka00 Meldebious
    Supplier: Chaosprince
    Captain: MiciMan S_R_L_B
    Warrior: SUnnyDAyz
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  4. So you guys are like mercenaries? Seems like a fun idea. I'd enlist but I have a lot on my plate for the time being.
  5. Oh ya we r Basically freelancers/Mercinairies but its free to come in and this is the thread dedicated to the SMKS So Yeah.
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  6. And all new recruits will be posted here
    Like Warrior terr
  7. Ahh we have New recuits for todays anouncement:
    Both of them arE Warrior rank
  8. im so cool im a supplier =)
  9. new update on ranks guys
    Generals: Arbiter6784
    Commanders:S_R_L_B Meldebious
    Suppliers: Miciman,ChaosPrince
    Captains: SUnnydayz,Zacka00
  10. We have a secret Program Working in the background of the SMKS But only the best of te SMKS Know about it.
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  11. Guys a promotion anouncement Miciman123 is now a Commander in the ranks
    And a donater rank has been added in SUpplier is earned but mostly payed for for 15r meanwhile Donater cannot be earned but only 10r
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  12. Guys a new Warrior in the group as Joined us! His name CUBROBBER although he has numbers in his name which i forgot XD