Empire Minecraft's First Library/Bookstore - A Preview

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  1. First, an introduction:
    Welcome, welcome! I know what you're thinking: "I've seen lots of people say they've had the idea for a library or bookstore for 1.3! Yours isn't the first!" Well, sirs and madams, there you'd be wrong (sort of). When it was first announced that 1.3 would allow players to write books, I'm sure I wasn't the only person to think, "Ooo, I'll make a bookstore!" I decided to act on that thought, and I finished construction about a week ago on the Emptimynd Memorial Library. The EML will be both a library and a bookstore, so write books, donate or sell them, and come buy and read!

    Some FAQ's:
    1. Where is the EML?
    The library is at res 6843 on smp3, also known as "JabrZer0 4".

    2. When will the library open?
    The library will open August 1st, when 1.3 comes out.

    3. How do I buy/borrow books?
    Buying is simple. There are 14 floors of book shop chests. If you don't want to worry about climbing between the floors, there's a teleport hub with access to each floor (the floors will be labeled with the names of the authors on that floor). Borrowing is a bit more complicated. It really depends on how Justin ends up handling book sales.

    4. How do I sell/donate books?
    Contact me. I'll pay for individual books if you'd like, or, if you want to sell lots of copies, we can arrange a sort of publishing deal where you get a set percent of the profit from your book. I'm working with someone who will be able to produce copies of any books being sold. Once we have a deal, you'll get a sell chest, at which you'll be able to sell up to 2 books. If your books are really popular, you'll be given the opportunity to sell more. There are currently 12 floors with 3 book chests on each, for a total of 36 authors and 72 different books. I'll expand if that's not enough :)

    5. What does the library look like?
    Scroll down for photos.

    6. There are sure going to be a lot of books donated in the first few days! How do I make sure mine doesn't get lost in the confusion?
    Hopefully a few of the kind souls out there will wait a couple days after the update for things to die down before donating to the library. This'll make things much easier for me initially :)

    So what does this thing look like, anyway? Take a look:

    The front of the library

    The main hall

    The tables in the main hall

    A view up 14 floors from the bottom of the bookstore stacks

    A closer look at the bookstore

    The teleport hub

    So write books, donate or sell them to the library, and come look around once we get up and running!

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  2. I will be sure to write a book for here!
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  3. Cool. Maybe I shall make the EMC Biography.
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  4. :) Great! I was thinking about writing something about a Utopian society and all that jazz, which is nothing like EMC Utopia :)
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  5. Awesome. I am making a library at the LLO (wild community on smp7) at the moment.
    Maybe we can arrange some deals for book exchanges. Let's start an EMC library network?
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  6. Cool idea. I was thinking something similar but on a much smaller scale.
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